Mind Talk Hypnosis Seattle … Simply Amazing

I don’t normally review businesses on my blog, but I’m making an exception… So over the years I’ve gone to a few hypnotherapists in the Seattle metro area to receive what I believed to be quality hypnosis, but I never realized just how much they all… lacked, until I went to Kristin Rivas (http://mymindtalk.com) the sole owner and […]

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The Simulated Universe — Part 2

Here’s a link to what I’m now calling Part 1 of The Simulated Universe.  Last night I was having a great discussion about simulated universes with my friend Nick Vu (an expert in blind cubing among other things) whilst waiting for our takeout orders — green curry, it was delicious. An we touched on an interview […]

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Dial Home Device

I’ve been spending some time investigating applications that allow a lost or stolen device to “call home” or “dial home” — a nod to Stargate SG1’s DHD. There are a few solutions out there some pay some free and some in-depth hacks. I’m going to highlight the solutions that worked for me. SOLUTION 1: The […]

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Rackspace FirstGen vs. OpenCloud

[UPDATED 10/9/2012] There’s Good News and There’s Bad News So the good news is yet to be determined – I’m sure there are lots of good things about the Rackspace’s move to OpenCloud… I mean seriously it has ‘open’ right in the title… that must be good. Right?! Unfortunately I’m here to report the bad […]

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The Simulated Universe

Let’s just say for a moment that we have a computer powerful enough to compute whatever we wanted. Then let’s say we wanted to set about the task of creating a free-form simulation in which we defined the physics – the rules of the simulation. Since we have a powerful enough computer we decide that […]

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Please Wake Up Brother MFC-9320CW

I don’t usually feel motivated to blog about random problems with my printer, but this one was particularly annoying and I wasn’t able to find a solution on the interweb so I thought it would be worth sharing my solutions. Oh Brother MFC-9320CW … Where Art Thou!? Let me start by saying I actually love […]

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My First Startup: A Tragedy

I feel like it’s about time I write about my first startup. It’s been a source of great joy and (the opposite of joy) great anxiety in my life, but mostly the latter. Crap… where to start. My first startup was in response to my extreme dislike (nae disgust) for the smell of cat poop! […]

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My Pet Theory: Graviton Oscillation

So I’ve had this pet theory about gravitons (the theoretical particle that communicates gravitational information between mass) since my work on the Sudbury Neutrino Project at the University of Washington, as a lowly lab assistant… so circa 2003. Until now I’ve been too embarrassed to even mention it to anyone  — other than close friends […]

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AT&T Wireless a Soul Sucking Monopoly of Vampires

UPDATE (April 9, 2012 9:00 am PST) Evidently this IS the year of the apocalypse — hell just froze over as a matter of fact — AT&T announced that they will unlock the iPhone. I just called AT&T Customer Support at 1 (800) 331-0500 and and here’s how it went: Jamal: “Hello… blah blah blah” […]

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Capitalism, The New Feudalism?

Ceilings, the new floors? All things considered, capitalism is a pretty good system, right? It certainly beats the pants off feudalism in most regards. It’s pretty well agreed upon, however, that anything in excess becomes its opposite…As far as politics is concerned, unregulated capitalism ultimately enables the consolidation of massive wealth, which cultivates small groups […]

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